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Cetacean distribution in the South Atlantic and South Pacific Ocean (AR-OBIS)

Latest version published by ArOBIS Centro Nacional Patagónico on Apr 5, 2017 ArOBIS Centro Nacional Patagónico

Database containing published information from scientific papers and reports of cetaceans in the Atlantic Ocean, Magellanic region and South Pacific Ocean. Different records encompassing counting, sighting and stranding programs, personal communications with trained individuals, photographs, unpublished abstracts from meetings, books newspaper articles, and specimen collections from academic institutions and museums. The oldest records were accepted by the authors when the documentation and synonymy were reviewed. Distribution at near shore waters of open coast sheltered fjords, bays and river mouths. Peripheral records from farther offshore include reported sightings in Malvinas/Falkland Islands, Drake Passage and the South Shetland islands.

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Occurrence; whales; dolphins; stranding; sightings; Southwest Atlantic ocean; Southeast Pacific Ocean; nearshore; offshore; porpoises; toothed


Who created the resource:

Laura Reyes
Centro Nacional Patagónico - CONICET Puerto Madryn Chubut AR

Who can answer questions about the resource:

María Rosa Marin
Professional support to research
Centro Nacional Patagónico - CONICET Bv. Almirante Brown 2915 U9120ACD Puerto Madryn Chubut AR +54 280 4883184 (int. 1202)

Who filled in the metadata:

María Rosa Marin
Professional support to research
Centro Nacional Patagónico - CONICET Bv. Almirante Brown 2915 U9120ACD Puerto Madryn Chubut AR +54 280 4883184 (int. 1202)

Geographic Coverage


Bounding Coordinates South West [-63.5, -174], North East [-3.683, -3]

Temporal Coverage

Living Time Period 1883-2005

Sampling Methods


Study Extent --
Quality Control A review before 1976 encompasses opportunistic findings, stranding, and sightings at sea and from shore. Samplings, field surveys and stranding programs focused on different taxonomy groups were develop more regularly since 1980.

Method step description:

  1. --

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